Andrew Hudson, Martin Rose, Nigel Vook
The Food Safety Team

To control hazards and their associated risks in food we need to understand the relationship between the food being produced and the hazards which it may contain. Testing alone cannot be used to assure the safety of a food as it is best used to verify that the production process is under control.

The foodsafetyteam have between them over 100 years of experience in understanding the hazards in foods.  We can help you to lay a solid foundation to your HACCP plan and get to grips with the “ecology” of the foods that you are producing through the provision of a variety of services.

Because we are all PhD qualified with extensive publication records we are also available for participation in academic projects, consultations with regulators and working with other government organisations. See Our individual pages to get an idea of our histories in food safety.

Our posts include some interesting stories from around the world, as well as some blogs on relevant topics.

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NB Jorvik Food Safety Services is a collaboration of food safety specialists. The views of one are not necessarily the views of all.